What The Heck Is A Gait Cycle?

Ever wondered “what the heck is a gait cycle?” “Lengthen out your stride”, “Shorten your stride”, “Pick up your knees”, “Heel striking is bad”, “Run on your toes and fall forward”, “Your glutes aren’t firing”,

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Is There A Right Way To Run?

  THE MYTH: There is a “right” way and a “wrong” way to run. THE REALITY: There are a LOT of right and wrong ways to run, it depends on your structure, range-of-motion, strengths, limiters,

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Kids running

Kids In Sports

  THE MYTH: Athletic kids get injured in the same way athletic adults do. THE REALITY: Kids don’t sprain/strain nearly as much as they break.  At one point, our sports therapy clinic had twelve kids

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