RunLab Gait Evaluation & Movement Analysis Profile (MAP)™

Wish you could be faster? Tired of being injured? Need help finding the right shoe?

Get your run and movement patterns fully evaluated from anywhere in the country by our industry-leading team of gait experts. Your unique gait “fingerprint” requires full-body assessment by a team that understands the complex relationship between individual structure, range-of-motion, goals, strengths, and limiters, and can help you understand how YOU move. We will happily work with your current healthcare, coaching, or training team! 

we DOn't just do gait evaluations. we understand gait.
Do-It-Yourself Filming

Don’t yet have a RunLab Gait Imaging Center™ in your area? No problem! The Do-It-Yourself Filming plan includes complete instructions on how to capture your pictures and videos.

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Gait Imaging Center™

Our Gait Imaging Centers are equipped with advanced video-capture technology along with technicians trained to handle the entire filming and video-upload process for you