What The Heck Is A Gait Cycle?

“Lengthen out your stride”, “Shorten your stride”, “Pick up your knees”, “Heel striking is bad”, “Run on your toes and fall forward”, “Your glutes aren’t firing”, “Barefoot running is the most natural type”, “Max cushion

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Kids running

Kids In Sport

  THE MYTH: Athletic kids get injured in the same way athletic adults do. THE REALITY: Kids don’t sprain/strain nearly as much as they break.  At one point, our sports therapy clinic had twelve kids

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Is There A Right Way To Run?

  THE MYTH: There is a “right” way and a “wrong” way to run. THE REALITY: There are a LOT of right and wrong ways to run, it depends on your structure, range-of-motion, strengths, limiters,

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