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About RunLab

We appreciate your interest in partnering with us!

RunLab™ is an industry-leading movement analysis and gait diagnostic company headquartered in Austin Texas. Through RunLab US, you and your clients are able to access our diagnostic team from anywhere in the country. Through our patent-pending process, we provide an in-depth analysis of your client’s structure, range-of-motion, and strength in the context of their full-body multi-plane gait mechanics. Following data collection, our team will discuss and illustrate findings via video-conference and provide both you and your client with an in-depth Movement Analysis Profile™ that outlines actionable areas of improvement for each piece of the gait cycle so that you can work with them to solve these issues.

Our process helps take the time, dedicated lab space, and deep biomechanical knowledge necessary to do a quality full-body gait evaluation off your plate so you can focus on the training aspect of gait and movement. We only accept partnerships with professionals that we feel are dedicated to the advancement of running-related training and are committed to improving the way movement analysis is used in our industry.

RunLab has worked with thousands of runners, from Olympic gold medalists and world champions to brand new runners, special needs runners with Down syndrome, Cerebral Palsy and a multitude of complex movement disorders. We partner with Physical Therapists, Medical doctors, Trainers, Coaches, Corporate Wellness Teams, and other adjunct health and practitioner and we are excited about your interest in partnering with us to help improve the use of quality and individualized gait analysis in the running community!

Program Information

We create a dedicated page for you on our website, www.RunLab.us. Your clients (and future clients) will be able to order a Movement Analysis through that page. You will be responsible for filming the client running on a treadmill and instructing them through various strength and range-of-motion movements. The entire process takes 20 minutes.

You will upload the videos through a partner portal, where we will analyze the videos and create a Movement Analysis Profile™ (MAP™) report for the client. After generating the MAP™ report, the client will schedule a 30-minute teleconference appointment with our specialists to review the film and MAP™ report.

The out of pocket cost for the client is $199 and RunLab will pay you $50 for each order on a monthly basis.

Equipment Requirements

Minimum equipment requirements are as follows:

Treadmill with tread surface suitable for filming several 30-second barefoot running videos

Filming area capable of accommodating the following views:

- Front of client (from shoes up to waist)
- Both sides of client (from shoes up to shoulder level).
- Back of client (from shoes up to neck)
(See PAGE 3)

High-speed video camera capable of recording at 120 frames per second (FPS). Most phone cameras, video recorders, DSLRs are acceptable. If you are purchasing a new camera and would like assistance with camera choice we are happy to help. Please contact us at 512-266-1000 ext 4.

Solid backdrop. A portable green screen is ideal and can be purchased here: https://amzn.to/2NDspu7.

Getting Started

1) Sign our PRO Account partner agreement
2) Provide W9 and banking information so we can pay you
3) Pay a $100 administrative set-up fee.

We will get to work setting up your partner page. Allow 1-2 weeks for processing.

During that 1-2 week period:

You will receive training materials for setting up the filming space & instructions for the filming process
We will schedule you for a 1-hour training call with our team

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